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2. How many properties do you work with?:
3. For validation purposes only, please enter the contract number for one of the properties you work with (i.e OH12.......) :
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4. The six month letter issued by AHSC served as an effective reminder of when the contract renewal or rent adjustment was due:
5. The information provided in the six month reminder letter was helpful in gathering the documentation to initially submit the request:
6. The Central Contract Specialist (CCS) was knowledgeable: 
7. The CCS was professional:  
8. The CCS communicated clearly:  
9. The CCS requested additional information in a timely manner:  
10. The CCS’s requests were concise and thorough, preventing multiple requests for the same information:   
11. If any delays occurred, the CCS provided periodic updates as to the status of processing the contract renewal or rent adjustment:  
12. If an RCS was required and submitted, AHSC communicated any issues clearly and promptly:  
13. Did you utilize the Owner/Agent Portal during the process?:  
14. The portal efficiently answered my questions pertaining to the status of processing the contract renewal or rent adjustment:   
15. If supervisory assistance was requested, the response was satisfactory:  
16. Overall, I am satisfied with the processing of my contract renewal or rent adjustment:  
17. If AHSC offered an online alternative to submitting contract renewal or rent adjustment requests, I would be interested in utilizing this method:  
18. Please provide us with any additional comments or concerns:  

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